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Zandoria Studios Rabbit Rider

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Zandoria Studios

Zandoria Studios Rabbit Rider

The first of the Ice Age Gnomes has arrived – riding a sabretooth rabbit! The Rabbit Rider is now available a Zandoria Studios Patreon  

Zandoria Studios are creating Miniatures and Terrain for 28mm scale tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.  Join Zandoria Studios Patreon for access to the entire catalog of 3Dprintable content! No more fear of missing out, or worrying about getting everything downloaded before the end of the month–EVERYTHING is available!

When you join the Patreon, you get access to over 30 years worth of content–ComixAnimation, and of course 3Dprintable Models and Miniatures through a DropBox link that is published every month.

Every month I am creating NEW models–both miniatures and terrain for tabletop games–My goal is to create a whole world of creatures and characters that can be used for play or display! I would like to publish a whole setting or bestiary with my own interpretation of fantasy races, creatures, and monsters!–your Patronage is what is making it possible!

You will also have behind-the-scenes access to what I am working on, and will be a part of a small community of fans who together are helping me to create my art. Whatever I’m working on, I  post to the Patreon page, so that you can give input and take part in the creative process.

The Catalog of Miniatures and Terrain is OVER 5 Gigabytes of Data!

I am also the creator of PuzzleLock 3d printable terrain for 28mm tabletop RPGs. The tiles connect like a jigsaw puzzle–there is no need for clips or magnets, and the tiles require no supports for printing! As a Bonus for my patrons, all of my PuzzleLock sets are included!

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