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Bella Nacht Miniatures May Update

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Bella Nacht

Bella Nacht Miniatures May Update

Bella Nacht Miniatures have released their first figure for May, Laverra, the Soul Eater. Figures are to 75mm scale and the character, base and weird ghostly thing will be in 3 separate pieces.

Bella Nacht Miniatures are creating 3D printable pinup miniatures monthly for your tabletop gaming and collections.

Bella Nacht is a one-woman job, so I’ll be starting small and growing as the community does. The more patrons we can get, the more I can release! Let’s make this a humble but robust community of art. Bring your friends and your furry babies (ALL OF THEM)

When you join you’ll immediately have access to the following:

2019 Christmas Demon
2019 Christmas Demon-pre supported
Drow Priestess Alt version
Drow Priestess Alt version – pre supported
Elora the Jellyfish girl
Elora the Jellyfish girl – pre supported
Hel Herself
Hel Herself – Pre supported
Lovers Lost
Lovers Lost – pre supported
Moosifer 32mm – pre supported
Ophelia – No pre supports available
Rhodanthe – pre supported
Sepherene – pre supported
Zephyra – pre supported


NSFW Drow Pinup – pre supports not available
Yule Lovers
Yule Lovers – pre supported
2020 Christmas Demon + Confessional Diorama
2020 Christmas Demon + Confessional Diorama – pre supported
The Swan Queen Bust
The Swan Queen Bust – pre supported

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