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New! Mach5ive ScreenSaver Released

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New! Mach5ive ScreenSaver Released

Mach5ive have just released their newly updated ScreenSaver that will protect your printer screen from resin leak damage. Available to order now!

This product is an improvement over the previous Mach5ive screen protection kits! Most resin 3D printers do not have screen protection to protect you from a FEP leak, resin spills or damage from a dropped build plate. You can protect your screen by securing the Mach5ive Screen Saver over the screen and bezel of your printer. This will help to protect your printer screen and internals from resin spills. The newly updated ScreenSaver features:

  • Protective film layers on top and bottom to prevent scratches during shipping.
  • Top layer PET hard-coating to help prevent damage from a dropped build plate or other potential damage.
  • Optical PET layer.
  • Silicon adhesive layer for easy application.
  • Total thickness after install: 0.13mm – less than an extra sheet of FEP!

Mars 2 Pro Review Sample

As soon as the pre-orders went live we placed an order for our Mars 2 Pro which arrived just a little over a week to the UK from the USA, which is pretty impressive. The ScreenSavers where packaged in a stiff cardboard sleeve and inside we found two ScreenSavers each with top and bottom release film and easily identifiable “pull” tabs.

Per the video above we set about installing the made to measure ScreenSaver to the Mars 2 Pro which fitted perfectly with no bubbling. After installation and re-levelling of the build plate in the normal way we set about with a test print. For this test print we did not adjust the exposure time at all and resulting print with the Ameralabs AMD-3 LED resin was perfect. Note that dependent on your screen and resin set up you may need to test and adjust your resin settings ever so slightly and perhaps be prepared to make up to a 7% adjustment, however with our example this was not necessary.

With this made to measure, one piece solution it is reassuring to know that both the screen and the internals are protected.

At $18.99 for a pack of two for the 5.5″ / 6.0″ size and $23.99 for Saturn and Mono X sizes these ScreenSavers are one of the best single investments you can make to protect your screens.

They are available now to order at Mach5ive.com

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