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Ameralabs TGM-7 Resin Review

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Ameralabs Labs TGM-7 Resin Review

Ameralabs TGM-7 Resin Review

We have been hearing great things about the Ameralabs TGM-7 Resin for Tabletop Miniatures and having already reviewed the Ameralabs AMD-3 Resin we were keen to see if this tabletop resin was as impressive.


Having recently reviewed the Ameralabs AMD-3 Resin, you can read the review here, and  being hugely impressed, we couldn’t wait to test and review its stable mate, the TGM-7 Resin for Tabletop Gaming. 

AmeraLabs was founded in 2017 in Europe by two Lithuanians. The goal of AmeraLabs is to engineer high quality 3D printing materials that inspire. Producing resins with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike.

Ameralabs TGM-7 fast curing resin is designed specifically for 3D tabletop gaming miniatures. A perfect balance between stiffness, impact resistance and flex guarantee miniatures will not break when dropped or in heated gaming sessions. This 3D printing resin allows capturing most detailed miniatures with its hard, non-sticky and paintable surface. More flexibility, less fragility.

These properties are something that miniature printers are increasingly looking for, a Resin product that is capable of maintaining print detail yet durable enough to survive an intense gaming session.

TGM-7 has been earning a strong reputation  amongst miniature printers, here is what some of them have had to say:

Titan Forge Miniatures

We print our models using TGM-7 Tabletop Gaming Resin. This resin offers the ultimate solution for 3D printing tabletop models

Jack of All Prints UK

I have tried the TGM-7 and I am very impressed with both the detail and the durability. TGM-7 is, without any doubt, the best of the 14 resins I’ve tested for far for printing miniatures.

High praise indeed, so lets test it out on our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.

Delivery and Packaging

Our resin was shipped directly from Ameralabs and arrived swiftly here to the UK. On opening the box the first thing to strike you is the appealing product packaging. On lifting the bottle from the box it is apparent this is a sturdy bottle with a good cross sectional base, making it less likely to tip over after an accidental nudge. As a little bonus you will also find a pair of nitrile gloves, it is good to see a company promoting safe handling practices.Ameralabs TGM-7

Test Setup

For this review we will be using our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and have chosen test models from both the White Werewolf Tavern and RNeStudio Patreons.  Before printing the miniatures, we completed an Ameralabs Calibration part which is free to download from the Ameralabs website and one of the most popular test pieces to dial in your resin settings. 

Ameralabs TGM-7

The resin settings above have been provided by Ameralabs who have one of the most comprehensive listings of recommended resin settings that I have seen and it is available here on their website

Across all the prints the crispness of the detail is absolutely fantastic and there is definitely a much less brittle feel to the prints after curing. 

Drop Test

As we are testing this resin for durability each of the RNeStudio prints were dropped from a height of 12 inches onto a hard surface.  These models were chosen for this test to determine if the weapons, legs or arms would break and therefore were not attached to bases for this test.

After repeatably dropping all three models from a height of 12 inches, none of them suffered any breakages at all and remained fully intact. 

Flex Test

In addition to the drop test we wanted to assess the level of flex we could achieve on the model weapons before a breakage, in particular Vanel’s raised arm with the Cross Bow.

This result was hugely impressive. We were able to flex the upper arm right back until the Crossbow touched the middle of the head and the bottom arm right forward until the Cross Bow touched the sole of the foot.

Vanel Flex

We have repeatably flexed all the weapons on the RNeStudio prints and none have broken. For Tabletop gaming this is a must have resin as the durability is outstanding. 


The Ameralabs TGM-7 is a remarkable Resin and for those interested in printing Tabletop Miniatures there is no doubt this is one of the best.  Capable of producing detailed, crisp, smooth miniature prints, that are durable and flexible enough to withstand a gaming session.  Supports remained intact during the print with no partial failures, cleaning was effortless and removing the supports was painless.  I found the product to be very easy to work with being almost odour free and the sturdy bottle has a reassuring feel to it.

While it may be priced  towards the higher end when compared to budget resin products the difference is well worth the investment.  You can print with confidence that supports will hold and that your prints will be crisp, durable, ready for painting and near indestructible. 


  • Packaging and quick delivery direct from Ameralabs
  • Nitrile gloves included
  • Great detail achievable on the smallest of miniatures
  • Comprehensive Printer Settings support on Ameralabs.com
  • Easy clean up and support removal
  • No odour 
  • Durability
  • Flexibility


  • Not the cheapest (but prints don’t break)

Ameralabs TGM-7 is now available on Amazon.com and from Ameralabs direct at the links below.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether you decide to buy something is completely up to you..

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