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CobraMode June Release

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CobraMode June

CobraMode June Release

This CobraMode are exploring the Twilight Forest, which is the home of the creepy and mildly sinister Noctuoidea and their nemeses, the Fidelium. They have an amazing history that you can read about in the CobraCompendium.

Erin and I actually played a game of Microscope during quarantine in order to flesh out their back story! Our feature sculpt this month, the Noctuoidea Pontifex (dubbed the Moth Pope during development), is a massive multipart print that’s perfect for those of you who love a challenge. All of our figures this month are roughly human size 35mm, so you can just imagine how big Psilomonedes is…

We also have wonderful bases and terrain from TheBetaMarie, our superstar sculptor from our very own Discord! Make sure to check out her stuff on MyMiniFactory and show her some love 🙂 She also made the mystery models that we’re saving for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, so make sure you check back near the end of June to see the big reveal.

Our Painting Contest for June is sponsored by Ameralabs, who is generously providing 1L and 2x 0.5L bottles of their TGM-7 resin as the prizes this month. Everyone knows they’re some of the best resin around, but the price tag can be a bit high for hobbyist printers. This is a great chance to score a bottle, so make sure to check the contest rules and enter before June 28th!

CobraShare, our cloud service for distributing the files, is getting sooooo close to being done! SneakyCrow has been working nonstop on getting it ready. We were hoping that we could launch at the end of May, but some unexpected issues came up (as usual). But! I think we will be starting to test with some patrons very soon. Stay tuned!

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