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Color Minis – Paint while they Print !

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Color Minis


How cool is this, an app that you can virtually paint your mini as it is printing, allowing you to plan your colour scheme once the print is done.

Figuromo Studio is the developer of the popular coloring app ColorMinis: a unique online figurine and sculpture webapp featuring realistic 3D preview turntables. This preview is interactive and allows fans to change colors & materials in a fun and relaxing experience, and provides a useful tool for hobby painters to preview and experiment with highlighting and shade combinations on real kits and tabletop miniature figures. 

There is currently a Desktop version as well as both Android and IOS Apps.  The current free version is preloaded with models from several popular Miniature Patreons with more coming soon. A subscription model removes ads and includes access to a wider range of models. The developer is continuing to work with Artists to add more collections with access to popular colour palettes including Reaper, Citadel and Vallejo

Check it out here, its great fun and very useful to plan your next project

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