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Loot Studios Review

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Loot Studios

Loot Studios Review

In the second of our review series on the best STL subscriptions we drop in and take a look around Loot Studios.

This month we have stepped away from Patreon to have a look a Loot Studios who have taken the bold step of providing their own independent platform to distribute and manage their monthly 3d printable subscription service.

Disclosure. I have not been paid for this review nor received any benefit in kind. I am not affiliated with Loot Studios in any way other than being a paying Subscriber which allows me to provide my own assessment. 

Who are Loot Studios

LootLoot Studios are a team of artists creating monthly bundles of 3d printable miniatures with monsters, heroes and scenery objects in 32mm and 75mm scales which follow a story in a fantasy RPG universe, and released to all subscribers each month.

You will get access to exclusive STL files both unsupported and pre-supported. Each release is focused around a unique story background, with 3 heroes in an adventure and each month they will fight different enemies.

As soon as you subscribe, you will get:

– A welcome pack, with tavern objects and characters

– A bundle with different minis every month

– An exclusive video of the painting process of a mini

– Access to the Discord community

Monthly Releases

Each month Loot Studios release a collection of uniquely sculpted fantasy themed 32mm and 75mm scale miniatures and bust pieces. Offering both 32mm and 75mm variants within the same release for me is a fantastic approach as the scaling has been done for you and will appeal to traditional tabletop collectors and those who prefer a larger scale for painting projects. I joined in time for the June 2021 collection title “Of Brains and Tentacles” which comprised of

  • Three Hero Models
  • An enemies collection
  • NPCs collection
  • Scenery collection
  • Four bust pieces
  • Lore, Stat Blocks, Printable Map and an Encounter Guide

In addition to this you will be given access to several comprehensive painting tutorial videos, stepping you through a number of the models from the current months release. Typically a Basic Painting Tutorial on one subject and an additional Advanced Painting Tutorial on another model subject. These are a great bonus and while I have seen several Patreons attempt to include this content material in recent months, Loot Studios appear to execute this particularly well.

Pre-supported Models

Each month the release includes both non supported and pre supported files for download. So far everything that I have printed from the June collection has been flawless. On release of the collection each month all the files for download are immediately accessible for direct download and each Zip file contains both scales in pre-supported and unsupported flavours. This file delivery is great and a nice change from the less than satisfactory alternatives offered through Patreon, such as the dreadful “Sync”. Previous collections that you have been a subscriber for will always be available within your membership library which is a nice feature.


Welcome Chest

Upon joining Loot Studios you will not only gain immediate access to that months release but also a generous Welcome Box containing a selection of models. The Tavern

Other Benefits

As mentioned previously, Loot Studios have an active community within their Discord Channel where help is never too far away and they have recently released news for the upcoming loyalty rewards.


There are no subscription tiers like Patreon, there is only a flat $15/m subscription plan that gives you access to everything released in that month.


Loot Studios is certainly not one of the cheapest monthly subscriptions out there when you consider the average Patreon Tier is pitched around $10. Having said that, the value is certainly there to see and the quality of the sculpts and the subject matter is exceptional. With added bonuses thrown in, it makes Loot Studios a very attractive option.

  • Great Monthly Releases
  • Unique Sculpts
  • Perfect Pre Supports
  • Active Discord Community
  • Lore, Stat Blocks, Printable Maps and Encounter Guides
  • Excellent Painting Tutorials
  • Simple Downloads

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