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Rocket Pig Games Death Plague Campaign

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Rocket Pig Game Death Plague Crowd Funding

Pre-supported miniatures for resin printers and a PDF source book for your 5e tabletop adventures! A New crowdfunding campaign from Rocket Pig Games on MyMiniFactory


Rocket Pig Games has been known for our support-free miniatures that people print with ease on FDM and SLA printers. This is our very first project that is designed exclusively for RESIN.

We are excited to expand our miniature line to include these detailed and dynamic minis as the price of resin printers has become so affordable!

Death Plague is our newest setting for your horror/fantasy tabletop gaming adventures! First, choose your Heroes and Henchmen. Then decide which horrifying new creatures to battle amongst the grisly terrain you’ll discover and explore!

What’s New?

We have a very exciting announcement to make! We have incorporated a Death Plague sourcebook for use with your Dungeons and Dragons 5e settings. We are offering this as a PDF. We will make a reward tier for just the compendium if you don’t have a 3D printer but would still like to delve into Death Plague! Keep scrolling for a glimpse into the terror!


“It is called the Death Plague for death is what it truly spreads. Those who are affected feel their energy leave them within hours. As they languish in bed with pustulating boils appearing over their body, they eventually wither away. And soon, a plague ghoul rises to continue its spread.

Villages have been scorched. Armies of ghouls and other monsters march through the smoke. Cities have raised their walls, hoping to keep the hordes out but only serving to trap any outbreaks inside.

There is hope for a cure, or perhaps for someone to find the source. Legends talk of a great fiend in a tower of bone who, perhaps if slain, could end this curse. But as the plague spreads and the armies of the damned rise, that hope is quickly fading. Only those who place their hope in their weapons and skills have a chance in this grim world.

What will be your stand in this world of the fallen? Are you a Cannoneer, blasting away hordes of the undead with their signature weapon? Or perhaps a Hexer, a monster hunter already suited to facing unnatural foes? As the world becomes more dangerous, more brave people choose to fight. Wielders of Light, Plague Doctors, and Apothecarists are also taking up their arms to fight against this unending threat.

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