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bLU ARt Miniatures June & FREE STL

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bLU.ARt Miniatures June

Check out BLU.ARt Miniatures Mechanical Hive Overloads  collection for June. Free STL early pledge levels available right now.

On a world ravaged by endless war, two empires were locked in an eternal conflict.
One invented metal constructs to fuel their war efforts, and praised iron as the ultimate form
of existence, while the other dove deep into the secrets of flesh manipulation in order to create beasts
made out of bone, teeth and tissue.

While the people of one empire left their body made of flesh behind and transcended into
continent wide machine networks, the others manipulated their’s to such an extent, that
retaining their human form was more a habit or a fashion choice than a necessity anymore.
Their conflict would have lasted until the universe crumbled to dust, hadn’t their world not
come under siege by an alien race.

Both empires suddenly locked into 2 conflicts at once were driven close to annihilation and in
a desperate move to survive, a peace treaty was formed between the two of them.

In the following decades of war the command and production infrastructure became closer
and closer until flesh became machine and machine became flesh and many became one.

From this conflict emerged an entity now known as the mechanical hive, endless in its
hunger to expand its domain and feast on the universe.

The June release, called overlords, contains the second part of the mechanical hive trilogy.
It aims to bring the biomechanical feel to your tabletop games and as the name implies its
miniatures are filling command roles in the mechanical hive lore.

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