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Best Resin for Printing Miniatures

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Best Resin for Printing Miniatures

Ask ten people what the best resin for printing miniatures is you can expect to get 10 different answers. Its comes down to personal choice and experience. One of the considerations when choosing a resin is what will you use your printed miniatures for. Some resins while providing excellent detail can be a little brittle when cured and this is fine if your main interest is to paint and display your models. If however you want to deploy your printed miniatures into your table top games then you may be happy to sacrifice some fine detailing in favour of durability.

For this article we will focus on the Resins that have worked well for us in a given situation and in a further article we will describe how to dial your Printer Resin settings in to eliminate under or over exposure, its a fine balance. All of the resins featured here fall into the UV 405nm category, perfect for our featured printers.

As previously mentioned, Resin is toxic and less than friendly to the environment, therefore responsible usage and disposal is a must. Yes you will see claims of Plant Based Bio-Degradable and Water Washable products that might lead you to believe that these are a much better choice. They are not, while a manufacturer may claim a product is bio-degradable it will take hundreds of years for it to degrade and while you can clean a water washable resin in water, under NO circumstances should you wash your model under running water in the sink or dispose of the waste in the sink.

Budget choices

Elegoo ABS

Elegoo “ABS-Like” Rapid Resin

As one of the biggest players in the 3d printer world it is no surprise that Elegoo’s range of resin products are widely available and popular on Amazon. At a decent price point the ABS-Like does a decent, if not outstanding job. It has a reasonable amount of flex and durability but lacks the definition capability for smaller details on 28mm models. While the detail on smaller models is fine for larger scales it is more than capable and reasonably priced. With decent exposure times, low odour and acceptable shrinkage its a decent starter with good compatibility across printers.

AnyCubic UV Resin

With very similar performance and slightly cheaper than the Elegoo “ABS Like” the AnyCubic UV Resin is another popular budget Resin. There are a wide range of colours including White, PeachPuff, Aqua Blue, Black and Grey. Steer clear of the white and PeachPuff. Again being a budget resin the results are adequate without being outstanding.  Once again compatability across printers is good with decent exposure times and low odour.

AnyCubic UV Resin

Recommended for great detail

AmeraLabs AMD-3

AmeraLabs was founded in 2017 in Europe by two Lithuanians. The goal of AmeraLabs is to engineer high quality 3D printing materials that inspire. Producing resins with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike.  The AMD-3 resin is one of the fastest curing resins in the market for low powered LCD printers. At the same time, it produces great detail and is earning a strong reputation amongst miniature printers. Available in two colours, grey and black the AMD-3 is a low odour high resolution resin. You can read our full review of the AMD-3 here where we achieved impressive exposure times of 2.8 seconds for normal layers. Available directly from AmeraLabs with a risk free 250ml trial sample that includes free shipping.

Monocure3D Rapid 3D

Monocure3D, based in Sydney, Australia is a manufacturing company of advanced 3D printing products with over 30 years  experience.  As with all the products here the Monocure3D Rapid Resin is specifically formulated to be compatible with low powered MSLA printers in the 405nm range and therefore is capable of swift exposure times. The Raid 3D is a great choice for for those wanting a high quality smooth finish for their printed miniatures and is available in several colours, clear, grey, white, black, blue, red, green and gunmetal grey. The later is particularly great for post print photos.

Siraya Tech Sculpt

Siraya Tech was started by a group of chemists with many years experience developing and manufacturing UV resins. As such you can expect any Siraya Tech resin to deliver great results.  Sculpt is formulated for accuracy and fine detail  making it ideal for those who display their printed miniatures. The resin is optimised for MSLA printers and available only in one colour, grey. Performance wise this resin will produce a great surface finish but perhaps at the cost of being a little more brittle. the resin is easy to work with, not too difficult to clean up and not overly smelly. 


Recommended for great detail & durability

Ameralabs TGM-7 LED

Like many of the leading Resin manufacturers Ameralabs have addressed the issue of durability specifically for table top gamers. TGM-7 fast curing resin is designed specifically for 3D tabletop gaming miniatures. Perfect balance between stiffness, impact resistance and flex guarantee miniatures will not break when dropped or in heated gaming sessions. This 3D printing resin allows capturing most detailed miniatures with its hard, non-sticky and paintable surface. More flexibility, less fragility, great print resolution, surface quality, pigment stability and low smell results in a great resin for printed miniatures.

Monocure3D Rapid Tuff

Monocure3D Rapid Tuff resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes specifically designed to produce a part that possesses high tensile strength. These mechanical properties provide a right balance of strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish. Rapid Resin Tuff is specifically formulated to be compatible with low powered MSLA printers in the 405nm range and therefore is capable of swift exposure times. The Raid 3D Tuff is a great choice for for those wanting a high quality smooth finish for their printed miniatures with additional strength and toughness to survive an intense gaming session. 


Siraya Tech Tenacious

Another resin that has great flexibility, strong with good impact resistance. Siraya Tech claim that a thin object printed in Tenacious can be bent 180 degrees without shattering while thicker object shows great strength and resilience. The transparent light yellow colour makes it easy to check for the internal structure of a print and easy to dye. Tenacious works great either by itself or mixed with other 405nm UV resin. Many people will blend perhaps 10% of this into Elegoo Grey to add additional strength properties to the Elegoo Grey while maintaining good detail for miniatures.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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