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Redgrass Games Wet Palette 2

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Wet Palette 2

RedGrass Games Wet Palette 2

The RedGrass Games Wet Palette 2 launches on Thursday with a brand new Kickstarter campaign! After years of development, a substantially redesigned tool, upgrading almost every feature of our existing palettes for the benefit of painters worldwide. 

This superior product will offer you increased painting enjoyment, and allows you to push your technical skills to the next level. Over 100 reviews we have so far from testers have been overwhelmingly positive in backing this new generation, by industry-leading artists like Angel Giraldez, Sorastro Painting, Next Level Painting, Lil Legend Studio, and Jazza. We are confident that a miniature painter can make no better investment in backing this new RGG wet palette when it launches its Kickstarter on May 20th, 2021, at 5pm GMT (1pm EST).

The new Painter 2 is 3cm larger than our original orange wet palette. This gives you more painting and blending space but without sacrificing lots of your hobby area. The new XL studio version will retain the original size, but with all the new design improvements, so it is the perfect hybrid.

A huge improvement is the new sealing system. It is more reliable than existing designs, whilst also being easier to operate. The new sealing system is tighter than any existing designs, so you can keep your paints fresher and consistent for days between sessions… and locations!

Another improvement is the hydration membrane (patent pending). This is a significant improvement over existing hydration sheets, as it keeps paint consistency stabilised, and freshness, for longer. It is also reusable! Many testers have been able to clean and reuse their membranes for weeks, with various paint brands, multiple times! They have also praised its ability to ‘revivify’ old paints even after prolonged inactivity, and how the surface is great for blending and true colour rendering. These membranes are backwards compatible, and so will work with your existing Redgrass foams and palettes.

Our new sliding lock system for attachments makes it even easier to add accessories securely to your palette. We also have a new accessory to add to the wavy range, the anti-spill pot holder, which is ideal to save your inks and shades from spilling! Space has been made should you wish to add magnets, and make everything compatible with your existing Redgrass products.

At RedGrass Games, we care about our original supporters and users of the first version of the everlasting wet palette. Our new hydration system will work in our previous palette, so can use your existing palette alongside the one you back during our Kickstarter this May!

Prepare to Launch!
The Kickstarter Campaign launches at 5pm GMT, May 20th, 2021 (1pm EST)! We do hope you can back this exciting new venture. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates as well as the Kickstarter page when it is live. Your support online is very much appreciated, however you can help with things like stories, shares, and retweets.

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