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Patreon Review White Werewolf Tavern

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White Werewolf Tavern

White Werewolf Tavern Review

In this first of a regular Patreon review feature, we shine the spotlight on White Werewolf Tavern.   

Patreon is one of the most popular platforms to access STL files for printing tabletop miniatures. In the last 12 months there has been a huge increase in the number of Artists competing for your Patronage and as such it can be a little daunting for the newcomer to pick the best of the offerings. In these series of reviews, we focus on the offerings of an individual Patreon to help you decide if it fits your needs. 

Disclosure. I have not been paid for this review nor received any benefit in kind from Patreon directly or White Werewolf Tavern. I am not affiliated with White Werewolf Tavern in any way other than being a paying Patreon Supporter which allows me to provide my own assessment. 

Who are White Werewolf Tavern?

White Werewolf Tavern started just a little over a year ago in May 2020 and have seen an impressive growth in supporter numbers since launching. Currently ranked 24th* in 3D Printing, White Werewolf Tavern are consistently producing unique fantasy themed 32mm and 75mm scale miniatures, therefore it is no surprise that they are fast closing in on the 1000 Loyal Patreon mark. A great achievement.

Monthly Releases

Each month White Werewolf Tavern release a collection of uniquely sculpted fantasy themed 32mm and 75mm scale miniatures and at least one bust piece. Offering both 32mm and 75mm variants within the same release for me is a fantastic approach as the scaling has been done for you and will appeal to traditional tabletop collectors and those who prefer a larger scale for painting projects. While not every model in a release will have dual scales, it is great to see this approach by White Werewolf Tavern. Add in the bonus of at least one bust subject each month then you have plenty to keep you busy until the next release.

Pre-supported Models

Each month the release includes both non supported and pre supported files for download with the pre-supported files available generally at the time of release or very shortly afterwards. White Werewolf Tavern’s support are done in house and test printed prior to release. In my experience they are some of the best pre supported models I have come across. Furthermore, in the unlikely event you run into difficulty help is on hand in the active discord channel.

Welcome Chest

As with many 3D Printing Patreons, upon joining White Werewolf Tavern you will not only gain immediate access to that months release but also a generous Welcome Box containing a selection of models from past release. 

Free Files on MyMiniFactory

In addition to the welcome box and prior to joining the Patreon you can access a selection of Free Models on their MyMiniFactory store, a great way to get a flavour. Being a Patreon also provides a 50% discount for their store allowing you to pick up past releases at a great price.

Other Benefits

As mentioned previously White Werewolf Tavern have an active community within their Discord Channel where help is never too far away. From the end of last year, they have also run several community painting contests for Patreon Supporters with some very nice prizes. The third such competition is live right now.

In May of this year White Werewolf Tavern have extended their file delivery options by including MMF integration which is a welcome addition as you need never worry about forgetting to grab a release.

Patreon Tiers

White Werewolf Tavern currently offer the following membership levels.

Resident $3.50** ex taxes

  • 1 Monthly Bust and pre-supported variant
    50% off for our MyMiniFactory store
    Access to all pre-supported free models (Demon Hunter, Werewolf bust, Minotaur bust, Slimer with Hamburger, and custom bases)
    Access to the Discord and the community
    Ability to see model WIP and vote

Adventurer $11.30** ex taxes

  • Monthly release consisting of 5-6 very high-quality miniatures (with possible bonus variations)
    1 additional creature or monster (Goal reward)
    1-2 monthly busts
    Custom bases
    Access to the Welcome Chest (7 miniatures: Oleana the Werewolf Queen, Kunar the Giant Slayer, diorama “Give me the eggs!”, Pixie bust, Amphipaha, White Werewolf Shield, Decorative Rock)
    Access to the Goal rewards
    50% off for our MyMiniFactory store
    Access to all free models (6 miniatures: Demon Hunter, Werewolf bust, Minotaur bust, Common slimer, Slimer with Hamburger, Happy Slimer)
    All models will have a pre-supported STLs provided
    Access to the Discord and the community
    Ability to see model WIP and vote

Merchant Tier $54.00**

  • Previous Tier rewards
    Ability to sell 3D prints of our models!


White Werewolf Tavern will continue to grow with their successful strategy of releasing great fantasy miniatures while adding additional benefits for supporters such as cross promotions with complimentary Patreons.

  • Great Monthly Releases
  • Unique Sculpts
  • Perfect Pre Supports
  • Active Discord Community
  • MMF Integration
  • Great Value

*Source https://graphtreon.com

** Correct at time of publication

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