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Explore the countless worlds and legends through the PrinterraVerse.

Printerra Studios is launching PrinterraVerse, an all-inclusive 3D printable tabletop experience. The set includes miniatures, creatures, terrains, and structures along with a unique themed adventure for each bundle.

Lost Glory – A Second Chance For Rome

A beginner level adventure for 5th Edition D&D and takes place in a setting based on Ancient Rome and its mythology.

Trouble in Tir na Nog

A combat-focused adventure set in the forests of mythological Ireland.
This adventure is intended for a group of 3 mid-level players and should take 1 to 2 sessions to play.

Orochi Monogatari

A high stakes adventure through a Japanese fantasy setting.
This adventure is intended for a group of 4-5 Level 8 players and can be played within a single weekend.

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