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NovaMinis June Release

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Nova Minis June

NovaMinis June Release

Check out NovaMinis’ June 2021 release, ‘The Realm of Shadows: Savage Lycanthropes’, where all manner of shapeshifters stand ready to challenge even the bravest adventurers…

15 pre-supported, 3D printable pieces to add to your tabletop, including print-in-place models.

Plus, a 15-piece Welcome Pack!

30 old-school-inspired 3D printable pieces to enhance your tabletop experience!

Our minis are:

Pre-Supported   •  Print-In-Place   •   Designed for 28mm   •   Optimized STLs   •    Test Printed   •   Mini Profile PDF   •   Separated Mini Bases

Available to Patreons until 1 July 2021

Available in-store from 1 July 2021 st



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