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Bite the Bullet May

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Bite The Bullet

Bite the Bullet May

Only 1 day left to jump on The Bite the Bullet May release, including 6 Tieflings, a Bust, 13 Modular Weapons, 4 Decorative Elements, 2 New Painting Guides, 1 Throwback mini, 2 Crossover minis and this month’s Exotic.

This month’s pack contains:

  • HERO: (Hero) Urath, the Oathbreaker
  • CHARACTERS: 5 Different Tieflings (Druid, Artificer, Monk, Bard and Ranger)
  • EXOTIC: Exotic Fiona, the Illusionist Thief (+NSFW Version)
  • BUST: (Bust) Lysera, the Tiefling Druid (+Anatomical Version)
  • CROSSOVER: (GHAMAK) Tiefling Fighter and Pirate Pinup
  • THROWBACK: (September 2020) Dolores, Leader of the Warriors of the Cult (+ Scenery)

Set of (13) Modular Weapons:

  • Female: Druid Staff, Druid Spell, Bard Hand, Bard Fire and Lyre.
  • Male: Artificer Bomb, Dagger, Open Hand, Fist, Monk Hand, Monk Fist, Bow and Spear.

Set of (4) Decorative Elements (Scenery)

  • Quest Call Board
  • Post Box
  • Tavern Sign
  • Potions Shop Sign

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