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Ameralabs AMD-3 Resin Review

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Ameralabs Resin Review

Ameralabs AMD-3 Resin Review

Ameralabs have been gaining an increasing reputation amongst miniature printers and we get a chance to see how just how good it is in our review of the Ameralabs AMD-3 Resin.

Ameralabs Resin

For this review we will be testing Ameralabs popular AMD-3 Resin product. AmeraLabs was founded in 2017 in Europe by two Lithuanians. The goal of AmeraLabs is to engineer high quality 3D printing materials that inspire. Producing resins with exceptional physical properties affordable and available to hobbyists and professionals alike.  The AMD-3 resin is one of the fastest curing resins in the market for low powered LCD printers. At the same time, it produces great detail and is earning a strong reputation amongst miniature printers. Available in two colours, grey and black the AMD-3 is a low odour high resolution resin. 

AMD-3 was the companies first resin specifically formulated for miniature printing and boasts

  • High accuracy, detail and resolution
  • High tensile strength
  • High dimensional accuracy and stability with low elongation
  • High surface hardness and paintable surface
  • Low odour
  • Fast curing compatible with most 3D Printers

So lets test it out, for this review we will be comparing the results to a base line Elegoo Resin using our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

Delivery and Packaging

Our resin was shipped directly from Ameralabs and arrived swiftly here to the UK. On opening the packaging the first thing to strike you is the appealing product packaging. On lifting the bottle from the box it is apparent this is a sturdy bottle with a good cross sectional base, making it less likely to tip over after an accidental nudge. As a little bonus you will also find a pair of nitrile gloves, it is good to see a company promoting safe handling practices.

Ameralabs Resin

Test Setup

For this review we will be using our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and have chosen a 28mm miniature from Artisan Guild as our test subject, the print results will be compared to a baseline achieved on the same printer with Elegoo ABS Like Grey. For our first test, before printing the miniature, we will run an Ameralabs Calibration part which is free to download from their website and one of the most popular test pieces to dial in your resin settings. 

Resin Settings


The resin settings above have been provided by Ameralabs who have one of the most comprehensive listings of recommended resin settings that I have seen and it is available here on their website

Resin Calibration Part

With the calibration print completed it was time to move onto our test subject, a 28mm miniature from the Artisan Guild Patreon. This miniature was chosen as there is excellent detail throughout the model and it will be interesting to see how well the Ameralabs draws that detail out.

The crispness of the detail is absolutely fantastic especially, considering this is a 28mm model, so much so that we are able to pick out the texture of the beard on our figure. All edges are sharp and defined and this is a truly stunning result out of the box with Ameralabs default settings for the Mars 2 Pro.

For the purposes of comparison we have placed the model along side an example printed using Elegoo ABS Like and the difference is clear to see, edges and details are much more defined with the Ameralabs print which is on the right hand side.

Pic 4

Elegoo ABS Like (RHS) Comparison


The Ameralabs is no doubt a quality resin product capable of producing highly detailed, crisp smooth miniature prints. We noticed the finished print has a much different feel to it, supports remained intact during the print with no partial failures. Due to the resins relatively low viscosity cleaning was effortless and removing the supports was painless.  I found the product to be very easy to work with being almost odour free and the sturdy bottle has a reassuring feel to it.

While it may be priced  towards the higher end when compared to budget resin products the difference is well worth the investment in our view as you can print with confidence that supports will hold and that your prints will be crisp and ready for painting. 

Ameralabs AMD-3 is available from Ameralabs direct at the link below


  • Packaging and quick delivery direct from Ameralabs
  • Nitrile gloves included
  • Stunning detail achievable on the smallest of miniatures
  • Great Printer Settings support on Ameralabs.com
  • Easy clean up and support removal
  • No odour 


Not the cheapest 

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