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The $7 Print Removal System

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Print Removal System

The $7 Print Removal System

I often see the question “how do I remove my print” well its easy with the $7 Print Removal System.

I have never understood why the printer suppliers include a crude paint scraper along with the accessories bundled with a printer, it is the least suitable tool for removing prints. Another common misconception across the internet is that the yellow plastic scraper is also provided for this purpose,  The yellow plastic scraper is better utilised to mix the resin in your VAT and to be able to gently check there are no nasties left in your VAT after a print. 


Do Not Use. Instead pop this in the tool box for the day you need to take wallpaper off the walls

Keep the plastic “scraper”, do not use to remove prints, use it to stir resin in the VAT 

Avoid This

There are a number of problems using the supplied metallic scraper and ones that I often see posted across the internet.

  • Damage to your build plate surface
  • Stressing the Leveling Joint
  • Damage to your print
  • Damage to you

Scratched Build Plate

Cross Section

In reply to many questions I see people often state that scratches and scores are ok, they are not for a number of reasons. Firstly when you scratch, score or gouge the plate surface the material moves and has to go somewhere. This micro cross section depicts the situation well, where we can see the peaks formed along the boundaries of the score causing sharp ridges. Get a little peak large enough and immediately you increase the risk of putting a hole in your FEP and a whole lot of trouble as a result. 

Others will state to go ahead and sand away scratches and scores, which only serves to fold over the ridges and if done enough will result in a compromised surface level as you remove material.

Finally the hacking at your prints using the metallic scrapper can often disturb your nicely levelled build plate by stressing the joint. 

The $7 Solution

One cheap answer to all of this is these Stainless Steel Artists Pallete Knives. They are ideal for this application being thin, strong and flexible. For under $7 you can get a full set of 5 and will be one of the best single investments you can make to make your printing experience a whole lot easier. With these you can easily remove large and small prints. There are other alternatives such as Flexible Build Plates which we will discuss in a future article but for a beginner these are a recommended solution.

Palette Knife Set 

As you can see below the removal of prints is simple and painless. The palette knives are flexible enough to allow you to slide in under your print and be able to move it around to pop your print off effortlessly without damaging the plate surface or your print. The build plate you see in the image has printed 100s of miniatures, has been levelled only once and the FEP has yet to be replaced.

Remove Print

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