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Pop Minis – Pop Culture Minis

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Pop Minis - Pop Culture Minis for 3d Printing

A new Patreon has arrived on the scene, Pop Minis, inspired by pop culture themes and characters, for your RPG adventures, tabletop features or just painting and collecting. All miniatures are pre-supported in print-ready STL format. With only 1 Teir at £8.00 you get access to a monthly release, a welcome set and quarterly loyalty sets.

If you love movies, TV shows, comic books and everything related to pop culture, and think it would be great to have miniatures inspired on your favorite characters to paint and collect, help us out by becoming a patron! By becoming a patron today, you are guaranteed to receive:

A set of 3 miniatures to get you started with your collection!
So Come with me if you want to live and download them all!

A new set of printable minis every month!
On the 15th of every month you will receive a brand new pack of STL minis, with a brand new theme, all pre-supported and print tested, so you can download and print easily.

Each set can be downloaded for a period of 2 months. After that, they are gone, so don’t miss your chance to collect them all!

Oh, by the way… March Set is here! So Who you gonna call?

Stay with us as a loyal patron and receive an exclusive bonus sets after 3 consecutive months.
If that seems like a long road, remember that Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

We are thrilled to have you as a patron to go with us on this journey, and we would love to see what you guys come up with your paint job. So, please tag us on Instagram whenever you have a new masterpiece!

Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff on the future and be sure to come back every month for a brand new set of stylish pop culture inspired minis!

Thank you and Hasta la vista, Baby!

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